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• Friday, May 25th, 2012

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• Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Today we had Grand Opening of Colonial Lakes Community Garden. There was free food and drinks for all residents as well as music generously provided by Will. We used this occasion to honor Ray who brought this idea to live from start to finish. He received a certificate award honoring his dedication to this community and cake which he generously shared with the rest of the community. Here are some sample pictures from tonight’s event.

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• Friday, March 02nd, 2012

Colonial Lakes subdivision is starting a community garden this year. There are 12 lots that have already been spoken for. This project is Ray’s initiative and he has contributed countless hours for it getting permits from county, getting volunteers, trimming dead trees around the sectioned off area and host of other things. For this we could not be more grateful. We also extend thanks to all volunteers who have helped Ray like Chino, Will, Alberto, Darius, and quite a few other.

Thank you all and great luck with your gardens.

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• Monday, October 26th, 2009

Colonial Lakes HOA is happy to announce the “Yard Of The Month” program. Yard of the month is program done in association with Orange County Government. Winner is selected by the beautification committee which has 11 Colonial Lakes resident on it (who are exempt from nominations). Winner is chosen every other month and receives the certificate, yard sign and $50 gift card.

Yard of the month for November 2009 is 1546 Brookebridge:

Yard of the month November 1546 Brookebridge Dr.

Yard of the month November 1546 Brookebridge Dr.

Yard of the month for Sepetember 2009 is 1444 Brookebridge:


Yard of the Month Sepetember 2009 - 1444 Brookebrige Dr.

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• Saturday, May 02nd, 2009

Contact Information

Email: Commissioner Fernandez
Telephone: (407) 836-5309
Fax: (407) 836-7387

Postal Address:
Mildred Fernandez
201 S. Rosalind Ave., 5th Floor
Orlando, FL  32801

phonesgraffiti reporting

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• Thursday, May 07th, 2009

Board Members:

  • Dusan Kuzmanovic
  • Ray Hankele
  • Alberto Rodriguez
  • Yvette Hernandez
  • Anibal Madera

Property Management Company:
Joe Frasca
Preferred Community Management, Inc.
4962 N Palm Ave Winter Park, FL 32792
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 407-681-0394
Facsimile: 407-681-0395

Deed Restrictions
Articles of Organization
Architectual Review Form

Past Board Minutes:





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• Thursday, May 07th, 2009

Welcome to the Colonial Lakes HOA online portal where you will be able to find relevant information about our community. Website offers current and up to date information on initiatives, critical issues, important phone numbers and most importantly how you can get involved to improve your own community.

If you are a Colonial Lakes resident register to leave comments and suggestions on how to improve our community.

Colonial Lake Arial

Colonial Lakes Aerial Photo

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• Saturday, November 06th, 2010

HOA would like to thank following residents for helping paint the wall on Dearmont Avenue on November 6th 2010:

  • Ray Henkele
  • David Torres
  • Jose Diaz
  • Juan Hernandez
  • Mozes Acosta
  • Dusan Kuzmanvic

By unselfish work of these volunteers community has saved over $500 on this improvement. HOA will be planting 100 creeping fig plants by the very same wall next week and is looking for volunteers to help with that task. If interested please contact Ray, Chino or Dee.

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• Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Is your Neighborhood Prepared for an Emergency? June 13, 2009 ~ 2nd Saturday ~ 10 12 noon

Are you prepared in your home, neighborhood, congregation, or business for a natural or man-made disaster? This workshop will provide the basic guidelines and procedures necessary to help you respond more appropriate!

Crime Prevention for Your Neighborhood July 11, 2009 ~ 2nd Saturday ~ 10 a.m. to 12 noon

We all want to live in safe neighborhoods… this workshop will challenge neighborhood leaders to think outside the box when it comes to making their neighborhood a safe place to live, work, learn, and play. Each neighborhood leader will create an action plan to implement in their neighborhood, using proven resources through Neighborhood Watch, Citizens on Patrol, gang prevention, youth programs, and more!

Increasing Neighborhood Involvement August 8, 2009 ~ 2nd Saturday ~ 10 a.m. to 12 noon

Want to know how to increase resident participation in your neighborhood organization? Join us to explore some effective ways to grow your organization and accomplish some fun neighborhood projects that will help bring your residents together as a community!

It’s Easy to be Green September 12, 2009 ~ 2nd Saturday ~ 9 a.m. to 12 noon

From “going solar” to maximizing energy savings at home to conserving water, this workshop will show It’s easy to be Green! Various “Green” experts will present, entertain, and answer your questions. One of the door prizes will be a rain barrel. Come to this workshop and you may be the lucky winner…

Legal Q & A for Neighborhood Organizations October 10, 2009 ~ 2nd Saturday ~ 9 a.m. to 12 noon

Do you have legal questions about governance, grievances or appeals, records, disputes, reserve funding, foreclosures, association rules, and more regarding neighborhood organizations? Attend this workshop and get the answers! Please submit your questions ahead of time so the attorneys specializing in HOA law can be prepared to address them. Email your legal questions to [email protected] or call 407-836-5613, by no later than October 1, 2009.

Planning Special Events for your Neighborhood November 21, 2009 ~ 3rd Saturday ~ 10 a.m. to 12 noon

Neighborhood events are one of the most effective ways to build a strong sense of community in your neighborhood. A strong bond among residents creates a safer, healthier community. Join us to learn how to plan special events to engage the residents in your neighborhood.

Neighborhood Networking & Holiday Celebration December 12, 2009 ~ 2nd Saturday ~ 10 a.m. to 12 noon

Come celebrate the holidays, network with other neighborhood organization leaders and celebrate what is working in your neighborhood! This workshop will begin with carolers and holiday music and a special guest speaker will provide a brief presentation (topic to be announced).

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• Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
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• Monday, May 11th, 2009

Colonial Lakes HOA is looking for volunteers to help paint the entrance sign. Please email Dee at [email protected] if you are interested.
Volunteers so far:

  1. Dee
  2. Alberto
  3. Ray
  4. Anibal
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• Monday, May 11th, 2009


UPADTE 05-31-09:

We have raised $640 for Eddy on Saturday!!! Thank you all who supported Eddy by donating your time, supplies for the party and money!!! We as a community came together and showed our support for Eddy and Yoly. Eddy has communicated that he is thrilled to have a residence in such neighborhood where people care about one another.

NEW!!! We opened new account for Eddy at Bank of America for direct donations:
NAME: Eddy Felipe
ACCOUNT #: 898033144462
BANK ROUTING #: 063100277

We know that Eddie loves his yard, But he also loved his Home

On Saturday May 30th, from 6:30pm on, the Colonial Lakes Community will be selling hot dogs, sodas, chips and whatever else YOU can donate in an effort to help Eddie and Yolanda recover and rebuild from the damages caused by the terrible house fire on Easter.

We need your help!! If you are able to volunteer some time during the event or are willing to make dessert, a side dish, main dish, or donate soda, hot dogs, condiments, chips, ice, plates, napkins or plastic-ware, or just money, contact Dee at: 407-227-8025 or [email protected]

No donation is too small. We need all the small stuff to make this work!

Invite your friends and bring your kids so lots of people will come and enjoy bringing the community together for a great cause!

Sabemos que Eddie adora su cesped, pero…El tambien adora su casa.

El sabado 30 de Mayo a las 6:30 PM la comunidad de Colonial Lakes estara recaudando fondos vendiendo Hot Dogs,papitas, Sodas y cualquier otro entremeses, postre o plato principal que usted quiera donar para ayudar a Eddie y Yolanda a recuperarce de los danos terribles causados a su residencia por un fuego el dia de pascuas.

Necesitamos su ayuda! Ningun donativo es muy pequeno!

Usted puede ayudar donando hot dogs,sodas, papitas,utensilios plasticos,platos, vasos y servilletas, Hielo,pan de hot dogs y cualquier otro plato que usted desee brindar para esta buena causa .Tambien necesitamos voluntarios que donen su tiempo para el evento.
Sin su ayuda…este evento no sera posible!

Inviten a sus amigos y familiares y vengan a compartir una tarde con sus vecinos para esta buena causa.

Si desea hacer una donacion monetaria, favor de comunicarse con Dee al 407-227-8025 0 envie un e-mail para mas informacion a
[email protected]


Dawn (Meats & More): 10lb of hot-dogs, dozen beef paddies

Ray: Condiments (ketchup, relish, mustard)

Dee: 10 2L sodas, Tent, 2 tables, grill

Jeremiah: napkins, plates

Betsy and Ely: bread and napkins

WE ARE LOOKING FOR: cooked rice and beans, chicken, Latin cuisine meals

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• Saturday, May 09th, 2009

06/12/09 : Community recognizes Alberto, Anibal, Dariel, Dee, Miguel, Ray, Tato, and Will for painting the front entrance wall. (view video)

05/31/2009 : Thanks to all residents who should up to support Eddy after his house burned down. We have raised $640!!! (view pictures)

05/31/2009 : Thanks to Alberto, Anibal, Dee, and Ray for trimming dead leafs from palm trees in from of entrance sign, and also for clearing up the tree that was covering the stop sign and street names at the entrance.

04/24/2009 : Thank you to all who have helped Edie with his house demolition and cleanup.

04/02/2009 : Community would like to thank Ray for organizing and maintaining Neighborhood Watch.

03/30/2009 : Kudos to Dee for calling and emailing county and state official about adding right turn lane on Constantine & 50. It is in the works.

02/18/2009 : Colonial Lakes residents would like to recognize Will & Tato (and others) for creating and installing community board by the mailboxes.